Monday, March 2, 2009


These are the cakes that kept me so busy last week. The first one was for a wedding shower. All I was told was that the wedding colors were peony pink and grey (okay to me peony is a flower, not a color, and there is no way I'm putting grey on a cake with flowers), and that the flowers were roses and hydrangeas. This was the best I could come up with using that information. The lady that ordered it liked it, so that was good enough for me.

The next cake was for a girlie baby shower. It's light mint green and pink marshmallow fondant. I don't use fondant very often, so I'm still learning. My fondant cakes are not as awesome as Lisa's or Tracye's, but overall I'm pleased with this one. I really like the way the bow turned out.

The last cake was for our friend's little boy's second birthday. He LOVES Disney's Little Einsteins, and Rocket is his favorite. So his mom asked for a rocket cake for him (and that was part of our gift). There are lots of variations of these cakes on the internet, and this is my take on it.

I had a couple of good shopping trips today and I'm going to try to get that posted tomorrow since I haven't done one of those types of posts in a while. Hopefully I can pass along some good deals to y'all :-)


Shelby said...

Girl, you have some MAD skills with these cakes! The first one is gorgeous but that bow on the baby shower cake? HOW do you do something like that?!? You people who can do this stuff rock my world. Now, beautiful as the first two are, the Rocket one rocks my world! I imagine the little guy loved it to death!

Shopping? Tips? Yes, please!

Dr. Wifey said...

you are extremely talented! those cakes are beautiful. the second one is my favorite

Madeline said...

Your cakes rock!!

Tracye said...


I couldn't pipe anything (much less a cake full of flowers!) to save my life!

And that Rocket??? Definitely something to be proud of! I bet the little boy wanted to keep it instead of eat it!

I love your shower cake, too. I've found with square cakes, if you work the corners first (which sounds backwards, or it does to me) you'll have an easier time of getting it covered. They're all awesome!

Lissa said...

Hi Crystal!
I love your cakes also! If I had to pick...the rocket is my favorite!

Too bad you don't live near's hard to find someone that does such a great job!

Talk to you soon! Lissa

Anonymous said...

I LOVE The fondont bow~