Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pink stuff FAIL

"Pink Stuff" is what we call strawberry congealed salad in our family. I hate the word congealed. Anyway...
Here's a recipe for it:
Small container of Cool Whip
Small container of small curd cottage cheese
Box of strawberry Jell-o (don't make the Jell-o, just dump the powder in)
Can of fruit cocktail, drained

Mix the Jell-o powder into the cottage cheese, add the fruit cocktail, and fold in the Cool Whip. You can add nuts if you like. Sometimes I make it with orange Jell-o and mandarin oranges. You can pretty much come up with your own combination of whatever flavor Jell-o and fruit you like. Easy-peasy.
Except, somehow I messed it up. This is the email I sent to my mom-in-law last night, I thought you all might enjoy it.

Hey Mom and Dad,
I just had to share this with you cause I know you will get a kick out of it. Last night I made some "pink stuff" and it still wasn't firm by tonight. I've made it dozens of times and never had this happen. I think there was too much liquid in the cottage cheese and even though I drained the fruit cocktail, I think it had too much liquid as well. So we decided to make smoothies out of it. The texture is a little funny, but overall, not too bad. So jello salad fail = smoothies win. :-) Oh, and it's such a pretty color of pink. Love y'all lots, Crystal

To make the smoothies, I just threw a bunch of ice cubes, a little milk, and about half of the failed mixture into the blender and used the ice crush setting. I think I'm going to throw a banana in with it when I mix up the rest of it. I guess this is just one more example of how I hate to waste anything!