Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aprons for my mama and sister

This is the apron I made for my mama for Christmas. It's the Emmeline pattern as well, and was made from a repurposed Shabby Chic sheet that I found at Dirt Cheap (for $3). It's the same on both sides.

I made this one for my middle sister. Didn't I say that the Emmeline is my new favorite pattern? One side is a repurposed hot pink sheet I found at Dirt Cheap ($3 again), the other side is the rest of the Shabby Chic sheet.

I also made a really cute half apron for my youngest sister, but forgot to take a picture of it. It was made from a repurposed pink and brown pillow sham. I really do love repurposing (is that a word?) fabric for a new use!

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! Have fun and be safe.

Tweet tweet

I'm on Twitter now. If you wanna follow me, I'm mc_cupcake. You can thank my husband for that one. :-)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Sassy Apron swap

This is the apron I made for the winter Sassy Apron Swap.
I wanted to make sure my swap partner, Christy, received the apron before I posted about it, and I got a very sweet thank you from her yesterday.

The theme was "cookies," so I went with gingerbread, y'all know how I am about gingerbread! The pattern is the Emmeline apron from Sew Liberated. It's my new favorite apron pattern.

The fabric on the front of the apron is a really cute Christmas cookie print.

And the back is that cute gingham check that I just love. I figured that she could wear it with this side showing after Christmas, and be able to use it a little longer.

This is the gingerbread man card I made to go with the apron.

I also included some gingerbread man cookies, the recipe for them, and a gingerbread man cookie cutter, as well as a little snow globe and a gingerbread scented candle (that I of course forgot to take pictures of).

My next several posts will be of the Christmas gifts I made for my family. I've really enjoyed making all of the gifts this year, even though it was stressful at times. I'm going to start working on next year's gifts around June!

I hope you all have a fun New Year's Eve!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Best Christmas present EVAR!

As always, it's been a while between postings. I've been really busy and have a lot of pictures and stuff to show you, but it will probably take a few posts to get caught up. So to tide you over till I get something more interesting up,(haha) I thought I would show you the best Christmas present ever. The awesome Cuisinart Supreme™ Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker.

It is freakin' sweet!!! It's in there churning away as I type. We've had it 2 days and this is the second time we've used it. I've got a feeling I'm gonna gain some weight from all the ice cream I'm gonna be eating. Mr. McHacker's mom and dad gave it to us, and they are awesome. Not just for giving us the coolest gift ever, they're just awesome in general.

We're still at Mom and Dad McHacker's and I finally told Mom about the blog. She's the first person in my family to know about it. So, HI MOM!

I've really enjoyed reading about everyone's Christmas experiences and I'm looking forward to sharing mine with you. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Type to you later!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm an Ingrid and I love Mad Men

Hippie Family posted this quiz,Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz.
I love that era and the quiz mentioned Mad Men (which is an awesome show, btw). So, I took it and here are my results:

You Are an Ingrid!


"I am unique"
Ingrids have sensitive feelings and are warm and perceptive.

How to Get Along with Me
  • * Give me plenty of compliments. They mean a lot to me.
  • * Be a supportive friend or partner. Help me to learn to love and value myself.
  • * Respect me for my special gifts of intuition and vision.
  • * Though I don't always want to be cheered up when I'm feeling melancholy, I sometimes like to have someone lighten me up a little.
  • * Don't tell me I'm too sensitive or that I'm overreacting!

What I Like About Being an Ingrid
  • * my ability to find meaning in life and to experience feeling at a deep level
  • * my ability to establish warm connections with people
  • * admiring what is noble, truthful, and beautiful in life
  • * my creativity, intuition, and sense of humor
  • * being unique and being seen as unique by others
  • * having aesthetic sensibilities
  • * being able to easily pick up the feelings of people around me

What's Hard About Being an Ingrid
  • * experiencing dark moods of emptiness and despair
  • * feelings of self-hatred and shame; believing I don't deserve to be loved
  • * feeling guilty when I disappoint people
  • * feeling hurt or attacked when someone misundertands me
  • * expecting too much from myself and life
  • * fearing being abandoned
  • * obsessing over resentments
  • * longing for what I don't have

Ingrids as Children Often
  • * have active imaginations: play creatively alone or organize playmates in original games
  • * are very sensitive
  • * feel that they don't fit in
  • * believe they are missing something that other people have
  • * attach themselves to idealized teachers, heroes, artists, etc.
  • * become antiauthoritarian or rebellious when criticized or not understood
  • * feel lonely or abandoned (perhaps as a result of a death or their parents' divorce)

Ingrids as Parents
  • * help their children become who they really are
  • * support their children's creativity and originality
  • * are good at helping their children get in touch with their feelings
  • * are sometimes overly critical or overly protective
  • * are usually very good with children if not too self-absorbed

Speaking of Mad Men, I am a big fan. Somehow, I don't remember how exactly, I came across this Flickr page of Mad Men illustrations that can be used as computer wallpapers and such. I just love them. If you've ever seen the show, I think you'll love them too.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More gingerbread stuff and another cake

In my last post I told you all about making gingerbread men and volunteering in Kidzone. After I had seen the last group of kids on Wednesday, I decorated a gingerbread train that I had made at home and brought to school for the librarian to use for her RIF project. About three times a year, she is able to give away a free book to each child through the Reading is Fundamental program. Instead of just giving them a book, she chooses a theme and has activities to go with it and each class gets to go to the auditorium and participate in the activities for about 45 minutes, then they choose a book.

I took the train and decorated it on Wednesday because I wasn't planning on going back Thursday and Friday. After I finished it, around four o'clock, I took it over to the auditorium. The librarian was busy working on setting up the props for the gingerbread themed RIF on Friday. She had a lot left to do, so I stayed until five o'clock helping her. I thought about her all evening, wondering how she was going to manage to put together the life size gingerbread house she was working on and also teach her classes on Thursday. So, I got up early Thursday and went to the school to help her out. She was so surprised and so happy to have the help. So I spent the day Thursday constructing a gingerbread house out of refrigerator boxes, butcher paper, and a few other things. Then I was invited to go with went to the faculty to the school Christmas dinner. I went and had a good time and spent the night with my friend E. since I was planning on coming back Friday morning to help out with the RIF program. We put the finishing touches on everything Friday morning and had a great day.

Here are some pictures of the train.

And here are some pictures of the auditorium all decorated up for RIF. The house is about five and a half feet tall. There's the train on the left.

Friday night Mr. McHacker, myself, E., and her husband went over to a friend's house for a little get-together with some other folks. It was a lot of fun, we actually ended up spending the night because we drank a little too much. Needless to say, we were pretty much good-for-nothing on Saturday. Sunday, I got caught up on all of the housework that had been neglected during the week.

Monday, I baked a cake for a baby shower and went back to the school to take the cake to the party. Here's a picture. In case you can't read it, it says,
"Tiny fingers, tiny toes,
Little, itty bitty clothes,
Football, baseball, lots of toys,
Oh thank heaven,
For little boys!"

Tuesday I started feeling a little under the weather, got continually worse, and am still sick. Hopefully, I will get over it, soon. I have so many Christmas presents left to make!

I'm really going to try to get that apron made for a giveaway before Christmas, but if I don't, I'll still do a non-Christmas apron giveaway in January. I have good intentions, I just don't know if I have enough time!

I hope I'll be able to stay caught up on blog posts now! I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

An apron, a cake, and lots of gingerbread men

(Continuation of yesterday's post)

The week after decorating Kidzone to look like Christmas in Germany, was the week of Thanksgiving. I had a couple of lazy days, but that week was pretty busy as well.

I made an apron for the Holiday Hostess Flirty Apron Swap. After reading my partner's blog, I decided on making her a frilly, flirty, over-the-top, pink, hostess apron. I was kind of afraid it would end up looking like a tutu, but I think it turned out okay. My partner sent me a really sweet thank you note and she really seemed to like it.

I also made a birthday cake for a Sweet 16 party. The colors don't look quite right in the picture, they were brighter, more of a lime green and hot pink, but you get the idea.

I went over to my friend E.'s mom's house and helped her kids make Christmas cookies, but didn't get any pictures of that. They had so much fun!

My in-laws came up for Thanksgiving on Friday instead of Thanksgiving day, and we fried a turkey and I made lots of other goodies to go with it. Our friends R. and L. came over and joined us for dinner too. No pictures of that either, but we all had a good time. :-)

The weekend after Thanksgiving was spent making LOTS of gingerbread men. Since gingerbread is sort of a German thing, I thought it would be fun for the kids to make something gingerbread related, and the Kidzone teacher was more than happy for me to volunteer to come in and lead a center. So I made a gingerbread cookie for every child in the school, and when they came to my center in Kidzone, they got to decorate it and eat it while I read The Gingerbread Man to them. I did this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and was able to interact with all of the students in the school, about 250 kids in all. It took a lot of time and effort, but it was so worth it to see how much fun they had! I wish I could show you their faces in the pictures!

I was also there Thursday and Friday helping out the librarian with her RIF project. I'll tell you all about that tomorrow! I hope you're all having a great weekend!

Friday, December 12, 2008

So it's been a while...

Yeah it's been a while since I've posted anything. I've thought about it, every day actually. Part of my reason for not posting is that I've been busy. When I got over being so busy, I just wanted to be lazy. And for the past several days, I've been sick. So, what have I been up to since I last posted? Where do I start? It may take me a couple of posts to get caught up.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to help out one of the special area teachers at the school I used to work at, and now volunteer at quite often. They have a really great hands-on, kid's museum type of thing that they got a grant to for several years ago. It's called Kidzone. Inside Kidzone, there are replicas of a bank (with a teller counter, and deposit and withdrawal slips to help the kids learn about money), a Piggly Wiggly (with aisles full of artificial food, and empty boxes, and a cash register so the kids can grocery shop and play cashier), and a McDonalds (well sort of, the back wall is like a mural of what it looks like behind the counter, and there's a cash register and a bunch of empty food containers, also to help with learning about money). There is also a kitchen where the Kidzone teacher, or classroom teacher, can cook with the students. It's pretty impressive actually. In addition to the neat centers, the Kidzone teacher does three units a year on a Social Studies or Science theme, including lots of props, decorations, and hands-on activities. The teacher who taught it since it was started retired at the end of the school year last year, and they hired a new teacher for this year (I wanted the job, but that's another story for another time). But before she left, the retiring teacher helped the incoming teacher set up the unit for the beginning of school. The theme had to be changed at the end of November and the new teacher needed lots of help doing that. That's where I come in. This is turning into a much longer backstory than I anticipated! Sorry 'bout that folks.
So anyway, I spent the week before Thanksgiving helping her transform Kidzone from a Native American setting to Christmas in Germany (I'm supposed to be getting paid for this, but I don't know how much or when I'll actually get the money). It was a lot of work, but it turned out really well. I wish I had before and after photos of everything, but I don't. I do have pictures of some other things that I want to share with you though, so I'll resume with this tomorrow.

Monday, November 24, 2008

7 things

Madeline at My Boy and Me tagged me for this meme.
The rules:
Link to your tagger and list the rules
List 7 random facts about yourself
Tag 7 people (and make sure you check back and see what they say!)
If you're tagged, play along and pass it on!

I've already shared a lot of random stuff about myself, so I'm going to have to try to come up with something new :-)

1. I like watching Top Gear. It's a British car show that's freakin' awesome.

2. I really like cars. As of right now, my dream car is a Jaguar XJ. I like lots of the "luxury cars" but the Jag keeps popping back up. That being said, I drive a really old Buick- about as far from a luxury car as you can get !

3. I hate for anything to be under my fingernails. Dirty fingernails are disgusting.

4. I am trying to make as many of my Christmas presents as possible this year. That being said, I have a LOT of work to do!

5. Like Madeline, I hate taking out the trash. This is gross, but I can actually smell it as I write this and I'm wishing I had made Mr. McHacker do it when he was home for lunch. I wonder if I can deal with it till he gets home or of I should just bite the bullet and take it out? Ugh.

6. When other drivers piss me off, I yell obscenities at them. Only because I know they can't hear me. I'm way to chicken to cuss someone for real.

7. I am seriously craving some chocolate. That's pretty much a 24/7 occurrence though.

I tag you:
1. Lisa at Cakes and Cupboards Since she's having a hard time on what to blog about :-)
2. Patty at May all your days be happy. She was one of my apron swap partners, and seems like a great lady, so I would like to know more about her.
3. Jenn at I Hate Whine.
4. Dr. Wifey
5. Tassie
6. Carrie at Confessions
7. Buzzard roost babe
If I didn't tag you and you want to do it, please do, just let me know so I can read it! I love reading random stuff about people :-)

Menu Plan Monday

Here's this week's menu, dinners only. When I typed this up we didn't have any Thanksgiving plans. Mr. McHacker's mom and dad and a couple of our friends may be coming over for a "thanksgiving" type of meal, I'm not sure of which day though, so I'll leave it like it is for now.

Monday 11-24
Southwest Quiche

Tuesday 11-25
Steak and baked potatoes

Wednesday 11-26
Breakfast for supper (eggs, grits, bacon, and pancakes)

Thursday 11-27
Chicken Club Ring

Friday 11-28
Cheeseburger and French fries

Saturday 11-29
Fried chicken tenders and macaroni & cheese

Sunday 11-30
Spaghetti with meat sauce, green beans, and garlic bread

Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Okay, I think I have completely lost my mind. Four posts in one day? Yeah, I'm crazy. But I remembered it's Monday and I want to get back into doing Menu Plan Monday. I'm actually going to buy groceries today, to the delight of my husband :-) This week I'm only putting what's for dinner since lunch most days will be leftovers or sandwiches.

Monday 11-17
Taco Salad

Tuesday 11-18
Red beans and rice with sausage and cornbread

Wednesday 11-19
Chicken Caesar Salad

Thursday 11-20
Chicken Pot Pie

Friday 11-21
Pepperoni and ham calzones

Saturday 11-22
Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots

Sunday 11-23
Chicken Spaghetti

Ruby and Roja giveaway

No it's not my apron giveaway just yet.


Beth, Christy, and Arianne of ruby and roja are giving away an entire year of blog designs!!! The only reason I'm telling you is because making a blog post about it is the only way to enter. So don't enter it cause I want to win it! Just kidding, good luck to all of you too! But y'all know I'm in some serious need of blog design help!

Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas Apron Swap

The Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas Apron Swap ended a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting about it. It was a really fun swap and I enjoyed it very much. Here's the apron I got from my partner Yvonne. I think it is so cute.

She did a really great job! She included lots of other goodies too, which I forgot to take pictures of. She told me that the pattern came from the A is for Apron book which really excited me since I had just ordered it and was waiting on it to arrive, which I mentioned to her in my thank you note. She was so sweet and wrote me a note back letting me know of some mistakes in the instructions in the book. Since Yvonne was so kind to share them with me, I'll pass them along.

page 40 "Cakeland"
1/2 yard for overlayer
3/4 yard for underlayer
1/4 yard for pocket

page 47 "Lemon Meringue"
3/4 yard for front
2 packages rickrack

page 88 "Pop Beads"
1 yd. of 3/4" grosgrain ribbon

page 104 "Wash Day"
1 1/2 yards oil cloth

Thanks again Yvonne!!!

Here's the apron I sent to my partner, Patty. Her favorite color is red as well, so I figured if I made something I liked, that hopefully she would like it too. Since we don't have a really great selection of fabric in Starkville, I couldn't find any fabric to fit the theme, so I decided to appliqué some coffee cups onto the pockets. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. When I heard from Patty, she told me she liked it, and that made me very happy. The pattern is Lorelei from the A is for Apron book and I just love it.

Here's a close up of one of the pockets.

During the time the swap was going on, I was in the Dollar Tree and saw a cute little cross stitch pattern. I haven't cross stitched in ten years but it fit the theme so well that I had to make it. I was going to make something cute with it but ran out of time, so I just put a red backing on it and sent it like it was.

I've really enjoyed participating in apron swaps, they're a lot of fun. If you want to participate in a swap, but aprons aren't your thing, take a look at Swapdex. It gathers together all of the swaps out there on the interwebs and conveniently puts them in one place.

In between playing Animal Crossing this week, I'll be finishing up aprons for two holiday swaps: The Winter Sassy Apron Swap and the Holiday Hostess Flirty Apron Swap.
I'll post pictures of those when I know my partners have received them. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Animal Crossing

I'm kind of a video game nerd. Not as bad as my hubby though. I'm getting Animal Crossing: City Folk today and I'm SOOOOO excited!!! I can't wait to play it. I think I like the Animal Crossing games even more than Dr. Wifey likes Guitar Hero ;-) So, if any of you guys play this game (or more likely your kids play this game) we should trade friend codes so we can visit each other's towns. Yeah I know I'm a big nerd :-P Here's a video. Isn't it adorable?

If y'all don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know why! Have a great day!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So stinkin' cute

Have y'all seen this?

Cool, huh?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yeah, I'm still alive

It's been a long time since I've posted, sorry 'bout that. I've been thinking about writing, but for some reason, I just haven't. I keep thinking that I should but don't have enough time to write a proper post like I want, so I just don't do it. But I figured that I'd better just jump back into it or I may never get back into blogging. So, here I am.

Something that I've been thinking about is the fact that I'm becoming less and less anonymous on this blog. My husband reads this (hey honey), a couple of people I know "in real life" and I've met some really wonderful, godly women, but sometimes I feel like I can't always say what's on my mind because it might hurt someone's feelings or make someone think less of me. Or because someone might not agree with my view. One of the biggest reasons that I started writing this blog was so I could have a place to "get it all out." I know it's not good to keep things bottled up, but when you don't really have any friends, it's hard to be able to vent. This blog was supposed to be my place to vent. I'm not sure what happened. I've thought about starting a completely different, completely anonymous blog and not telling anyone about it, so I can say whatever is on my mind without regard to what others might think of me. But then I realized how stupid that was. At the risk of sounding cliché, I'll share with you one of my favorite quotes, and a couple of proverbs I came across that pretty much sum up how I feel.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Suess

" A mere friend will agree with you, but a true friend will argue." -Russian proverb

"False friends are worse than open enemies." -proverb

I'm going to be who I am and say what I feel. What I write may contain something you don't like or agree with. That's fine, argue with me about it if you want to. It may contain language you don't like. Don't read it if you don't want to. I want you to read what I write because you want to. So, as Forrest Gump would say, that's all I have to say about that.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rocky Horror Picture Show and some other stuff

Sorry it's taken me a few days to make a post! Friday was really busy and I was exhausted, so I didn't do anything when I got home. I spent Friday volunteering at the school's Halloween carnival and then helped out a friend (who was my teaching assistant last year) with decorating a cake for her dad's birthday. Yesterday was spent mostly just being lazy! We walked over to campus to tailgate with my friend E and her family for a little while yesterday. It was fun, but it's just not my "thing." The rest of the day, we sat around and watched lots of tv and dvds. It was great to just be lazy. I haven't done much today either, but I will be catching up on some housework this evening.

Now to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was fun, but we were SO cold! Of course I took pictures, here they are with commentary.

They had a HUGE, inflatable, rear projection screen to show the movie on. Here are some random shots of the screen and audience, and Mr. McHacker enjoying some free pizza.

Going to a showing of this movie is really fun because members of the audience who know the movie dress up like the characters and bring props to use during the movie. During the scene at the church, the audience threw rice in the air, some sprayed squirt bottles during the storm scene, and some of them put newspapers over their heads as Brad and Janet do when they are walking in the rain. They also hold up lighters when Brad and Janet see a light, throw Scott toilet paper when professor Scott makes his entrance, and throw toast when Dr. Frank-n-furter makes a toast at dinner. Unfortunately the only picture I got of any of this was when some folks had newspapers in their heads. Another fun audience participation thing is when they do the time warp dance.

The movie was sponsored by a radio station and the local CBS affiliate as well as the campus activity board. Here are the radio personalities on the screen live during a commercial break and from where we were in the audience.

The radio folks asked trivia questions during the commercial breaks and Mr. McHacker was chosen to be on the air for trivia questions with some other folks. He didn't get all of the questions right, but he still got a nice prize, a North Face baseball cap. Doesn't he look cute?!

We ended up leaving a little early because I was freezing and needed to pee, so we finished watching the rest of the movie at home while drinking hot chocolate! All in all, it was a lot of fun.

I'm going to be heading to Lucedale on Tuesday, so I'm going to try to set up some posts to auto post while I'm gone since I won't have Internet access very often while I'm gone. So if y'all don't hear from me much next week, that's why. Also, my sister's wedding is back on! So it looks like I'll be making some cakes after all. I hope you all have a great week!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jenn boo-ed me! Now YOU have been boo-ed too! Grab this picture and put it on your blog, then go to as many of your blog buddies as you want and tell them they have been boo-ed . Have them pick up this picture and add it to their blog and say with the link who boo-ed them . Put the picture in your sidebar if you want so then others know that you have already been boo-ed , if you post lots and it's not on the main page where everyone will see your boo-ed post!

We're off to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show . They're doing a free showing on campus tonight, and y'all know I'm all about free! It ought to be fun - I'll let you know.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My boring, busy life

I've been busy lately, but none of it has been interesting. Mostly just baking LOTS of cookies. Thankfully I don't have anything planned for tomorrow (Wednesday), so I'm going to run some errands and do some cleaning. I'll be volunteering at the school Thursday and Friday, so tomorrow is the only day I can get much done around here. For someone who doesn't have a job or kids, I don't know how I never have free time anymore.

I've been planning on going to Lucedale next week because my sister is supposed to be getting married on Nov. 8, but it looks like it may be postponed or even canceled! I'm going to go anyway, at least maybe I can help out with the kids and give them a break since they've got a lot of crazy stuff going on lately.

While I'm in Lucedale I won't have a lot to do when the kids aren't around, so I'm going to take my sewing machine and work on making some Christmas presents.

I'm also thinking of doing a giveaway! I've really gotten into the apron making lately and I was thinking of making one to give away on here. I was thinking either a fall/ Thanksgiving apron, or maybe a winter/ Christmas one, and some cookies and other stuff to go with it. What do y'all think? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Award

I gave Amy the Kreativ Blogger Award yesterday 'cause I think she's awesome and funny and I love reading her blog. This morning she gave all of her bloggy buddies this award:

I've seen this one on some other blogs and thought it was so cute. So I grabbed it so I could pass it along to all of you. I know I don't write as many posts as I should, but I do go through my Google reader at least once a day to read what all of you write (even if I don't always leave a comment). I LOVE reading about your lives and learning about you, you're all wonderful, special people. Please take this award and continue to pass it along. If you're reading this, take it. I'm not sure of the "proper" way to take it, but this is how I do it. Right click on the image and click "save image as," then save it to your computer. Then you can upload it as you would any picture.

I hope you are all having a great weekend. I am. But I've got to go finish that swap apron that I didn't want to be finishing at the last minute. Well, it's due out on Wednesday, so I guess I'm last minute after all! Patty if you're reading this, I promise I'll have it out before the deadline! After I know she's gotten it, I'll post a picture of the apron. It's the cutest pattern EVER, and I just love it. Later taters!

Friday, October 24, 2008

An award

Deanna is so sweet! She gave me this award! Upon receiving this award, I'm supposed to tell you about "Things that make me happy." Here are a few in no particular order:
  • My husband. He's wonderful.
  • The rest of my family, especially my nephews and niece.
  • Cooking and baking for others.
  • Chocolate (as in candy, cake, ice cream, cookies - you get the picture).
  • Sleeping in as late as I want, especially when it's raining.
  • Watching movies and TV.
  • The Internet. I'm serious. Why are you laughing?
  • Sewing.
  • Reading a good book.
  • Spending time with friends. I don't have many, so any time I get to spend with them is precious to me.
  • Comments on my blog (stole that one from Deanna!).
I'm going to pass this award to these fine ladies.
Actually, if you're reading this, I'm passing it along to you. I really enjoy all of the blogs I read and YOURS is one of them!

So, I'm feeling lots better, I think I just needed some rest more than anything. It seems like I'm always going full speed and I guess it just catches up with me sometimes. Everything I put off had to be done, so I've been busy again. I've got a few pictures to share later, but right now I gotta go deliver some cookies.

Please say a prayer for Lindsey at Pleasant Drive. She's starting chemo today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

kinda sick

I was right about getting sick. I spent the whole weekend feeling like crap and not doing anything productive. I overdid it a little yesterday since I was feeling a little better, but now I feel worse than I did over the weekend. I have two nasty little fever blisters on my lip and the lymph nodes in my neck are hard and swollen to the size of marbles. On top of that, have cramps. I'm just being a bum today and not even worrying about getting anything done. Today is one of those days that makes me so thankful that I'm a stay-at-home wife. When I was teaching, if got up feeling like I did today, I would have went to work anyway and been miserable. Even though I feel bad, I know I'm blessed.

I don't know if any of you ever have fever blisters, but I've had them off and on all my life. A little fyi for you, the absolute best thing to get rid of them fast is campho phenique. I saw some a while back and remembered that it was what my nana always used on them when I was a kid. I works a lot faster than any other non-prescription medication. I really mean that. I'm not trying to get freebies from them or anything :-)

Even though I have lots of cookies to make, I'm gonna put that on hold until tomorrow or Thursday. I would feel terrible if I somehow passed something on to someone. I don't really know if germs travel through food like that, but I'm a little bit of a germaphobe so I'm not going to take any chances.

Since I don't really feel like doing anything else, I might write more later, about something other than being sick! I hope you are all having a good day!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yeah this is kinda how I'm feeling today. I just "don'tgiveashit" about anything right now. I have at least 37 things that I should be doing. You know what I've been doing for the past 2 hours? Playing Tetris. Yep. I just can't get motivated to do anything. And you know what I'm about to go do tight now? Take a nap. It's 7:00 pm and I'm gonna take a nap. I know it's gonna screw up my sleep schedule but right now I don't care. I wonder if I might be coming down with something. I sure hope not.

By the way, The comic from above is from Natalie Dee. I think her stuff is hilarious! Go there and look through the archives for a laugh. Another by the way, I just went to her site so I could copy and paste the url for the link and found out SHE JUST HAD A BABY! I don't remember her mentioning she was pregnant on her site. Like I said, EVERYBODY has a baby but me.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween cookies

These are some Halloween cookies I made this week. I'll be making LOTS more in the next couple of weeks. Sorry some of the pictures are kinda cruddy. I forgot to take pictures until I had a lot of them wrapped already.

I was also asked by the teachers I used to work with to make a cake for my former boss for Boss's Day yesterday. It's harder than you would think to come up with something to write other than "Happy Boss's Day." I've made a lot of cakes for this guy over the past few years, so I'm starting to run out of ideas. I found this quote and thought it would be appropriate.

That's all for now. I hope you all have a great weekend!


I was tagged by Buzzard Roost Babe to post 7 random facts. Here they are:

1. I. am. weird. I'll admit it. What makes me weird? I don't know. I just am.

2. I suffer from IBS. It ain't fun! It was sometimes very difficult to deal with when I was teaching.

3. My husband and I met on the internet. Yes it can work! Don't knock it unless you've tried it.

4. I am obsessed with watching tv crime dramas. I love CSI and Criminal Minds the most.

5. I have a nasty temper, but I've learned to control it pretty well over the years.

6. I have very few friends. I'm a friendly person, I just don't make friends easily.

7. I want a baby. It seems like everyone I know or have ever met is pregnant or has a baby. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy for them, but at the same time it hurts a little too.

Read more random stuff about me here.

I'm not going to tag anyone in particular. If you want to do it, go ahead. If you do decide to, leave a comment here so I can read your random facts.

Monday, October 13, 2008


There's not too much going on right now, which is a good thing. I'm not complaining after the eventful week we've had. I've just been busy trying to declutter and do some cleaning. I still feel all out of whack from not being home much lately. I'll be glad when I get back into my normal routine.

I wanted to do a Menu Plan Monday post, but I haven't even thought about what I'm cooking tonight, much less the rest of the week. Maybe I'll get to it later today and it can just be a late post. Or not. I don't know yet.

I need to start working on the apron for the latest swap I signed up for. I bought the fabric this weekend and it's really cute. I'll post a picture of the apron after I finish it. They're not due to be mailed until the 29th, but I don't want to be last minute getting it sent.

I guess I'd better go do something productive now. I hope you all are having a nice day.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The car is fixed!

So after working for 3 days on the car we borrowed from my mom, Dad and Mr. McHacker figured out what was wrong with it. They had to try a couple of different things before they got it right, but it's still cheaper than buying another car, so I'm happy. So now it's fixed and running great.

Mom has a really beautiful shrub blooming in the yard right now. It's called a Confederate Rose and it is a type of hibiscus. The flowers are huge and beautiful. One day when I have a house of my own with a yard, I am SO going to try to grow this.

Mom and Dad also have some ADORABLE kittens. There are three of them, although every picture I took of the three of them together turned out blurry. So here's a picture of two of them.

Aren't they cute? I just love 'em. Especially that little guy on the right. He's the runt. I just wanna take them home with me. Too bad our evil/stupid landlord won't let us have pets. :-( And another thing I'm gonna do when I have a house of my own with a yard is have a cat. Or two... Or more... And a puppy...and a ferret....and a bunny...and...
I think you get the picture.
So anyway, I hope the rest of your weekend is great!