Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Catching up

It's been a long time since I've posted. Again. I keep thinking that I'll start posting more often but haven't. Sigh.
I've been back and forth to my Mom's a lot this year, spending a week at home and then a week there since the year started. I've been helping her out at the tax office again this year, and it's been busy.
When I'm here, I've been working on decluttering the computer room, to make it functional again. It's kinda slow going, but we've made a lot of progress on it. I'm getting rid of my old desktop computer and using the desk space for a sewing/crafting area, and I'm really excited about that. I usually use the kitchen table for that sort of thing, so it will be nice to have a place to work on stuff whenever I want. When things get a little less busy, I've got some sewing projects I want to work on.
I've also been getting back into the couponing/deal finding again. We've mostly been using up the stuff I stockpiled last year. I also used a lot of the health and beauty items in gift baskets at Christmas, so it's time to start stockpiling again. I did a good bit of shopping today, and got some good deals, so I'll probably make a post about that for tomorrow.
The next two weeks are going to be crazy busy again. Tomorrow, and then most of next week, I'm helping the Kidzone teacher take down and redecorate her classroom for a a new unit about the human body. This will be the fifth time I've helped her do it. It's fun, but a lot of work. That reminds me that I still haven't posted the pictures of the units on the ocean and Hawaii, I'll try to do that sometime soon, if I can find the pics.
After I leave the school tomorrow, I'm planning on going back down to my Mama's to help her out at the tax office on Thursday and Friday. They're supposed to get some snowy weather down there on Friday, but hopefully I won't get stuck there and will be able to come home for the weekend.
While I'm helping out at the school next week, Mr. McHacker is going to be in Alaska, giving a lecture to a class about how he helped the FBI catch a hacker last summer. He's given the same talk a couple of times at a couple of places over the past few months, and people seem t enjoy it. I really wanted to go to Alaska with him, but it was such short notice and the tickets are SO expensive (like $1,400) that we just couldn't swing it right now. It's probably for the best since it's like 5 degrees there and I don't know how well I would do in that kind of cold.
I finallay got caught up on my Google Reader again, when I got home Sunday I had almost 800 unread blog posts! I've been kinda lax about leaving comments on y'all's blogs lately since I was so far behind, but now I'm caught up, so I'll try to start commenting more often.


Shelby said...

Hurray, a Crystal post! This makes me happy. You do stay a busy little thing, don't you? I got kinda tired just reading all that you've been up to.

I'm glad you're setting up a sewing area for yourself. I don't do bead stuff anymore but when I did it was awesome to have a dedicated place and not have to put everything away just because I hit a stopping point.

For my sake, glad you're going to get back into the couponing.... you're kinda my inspiration there and, believe me, I need some inspiration!

Welcome back, blog as you can, we're always happy to "see" you.

Dr. Wifey said...

sounds like you have been very busy! glad you are catching up with us :)