Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alabama baby shower cake

The Monday before Easter, the ladies at the school I used to work at had a baby shower for one of the teachers. She went to college at the University of Alabama, and is a huge Bama fan, so the ladies thought it would be fun to work that into the cake somehow.
I kicked around a few ideas about what I wanted it to look like. At first I thought it would be cute to have something like a baby wearing a Bear Bryant fedora, drawn on the cake. But I thought that might be kind of hard to draw, so I started sketching out a little elephant instead. As I was doing this, I was talking about it with Mr. McHacker. The following is the actual conversation we had (I actually wrote it down). (I included the drawings as well, you're welcome).

Him - "It wouldn't be hard to draw a baby in a fedora. Here, I'll draw you one."
Me - "If I drew that on a cake, they would refuse to pay me."
Him - "Well fine then."
Me - "Here's what I have in mind instead." (Sorry about the bits of icing on it).
Him - "That's a really good drawing of an elephant. I figured drawing an elephant would be hard, that's why I was thinking drawing a baby would be easier."

Me - "Yeah, it wasn't too hard, a lot easier than a baby I think."

Him - "Dang, I would rather draw three of those babies I drew than an elephant. I'd draw three of them and say, 'Maybe you'll have twins. God bless Bear Bryant!'

Me - Laughing so hard I'm crying. "Three babies is twins, huh?"

Him - "Oh. Never mind."

So anyway, this is what the final cake ended up looking like.


Madeline said...

Hahaha! I think going with the elephant was wise.

Shelby said...

That is AMAZING!! I think it's a really good thing that you're the master decorator in the family!