Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter cookies

When I took the baby shower cake to the school, several of the ladies asked me if I would make some Easter cookies for them. I've done it in years past, but this year I had completely forgotten about asking if they wanted anything. So when they asked, I said, "Sure, why not?" Well, little did I know I would end up with orders for about 12 dozen cookies, a cookie bouquet, and a birthday cake. I worked 27 hours straight to get them all done. Thankfully, I remembered to get some pictures while I was working on them, because I forgot to when I got them all finished and wrapped up pretty.
I forgot to take a pic of the cookie bouquet. Anyway, I delivered them the Thursday before Easter, and everybody was happy with them.

We spent slept in a little late on Good Friday, then headed down to Mom and Dad McHacker's house and spent the night and part of Saturday with them. Then we went to my Mom's and visited with her and my sister and her kids Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night, after everyone went to bed, I stayed up and made more Easter cookies for Sunday.

We went "across the river" for Easter dinner and the egg hunt with my Nana's family (I took the big cookie bouquet above) and had a great time. We left from there and drove back to Starkville that night. We were so tired, we needed a vacation by the time we got back, but it was fun and I'm glad we went.

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Deanna said...

Gracious girl! You probably needed a nap after all that. I keep telling you that you need your own business!