Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gamer girl costume

A month or so ago, our friend needed a costume for a costume party her fraternity (Theta Tau) was having. Apparently engineering fraternities are full of geeks, because the theme was "dress as a video game character." So, I told her I would help her make a costume. I didn't quite realize how much work it would be when I volunteered, but I'm glad I did it, it was a lot of fun making something other than aprons and such. I don't know the name of the character, but this is the costume she showed me, and said something like that would be great. So this is what I had to go by.

Of course, I didn't have a pattern, so I had to take measurements and make my own pattern pieces for the costume. I knew I could do it, but I didn't want to tape pieces of paper together to draw the pattern on, because I have done that before and it's a pain in the ass. Then I had a brainstorm (which I'm sure many others before me have had) that I could use the back side of some of that leftover Christmas wrapping paper I had in the closet. It worked great. So I took measurements, drew out the pattern pieces, and spend two days sewing. Here are the results.


Sleeveless top:

Vest over the shirt:

Arm band/sleeves:

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of her wearing it, but she loved it, and I think it turned out pretty well.

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Dr. Wifey said...

oh, i wish i had the talent to sew such things. i am looking for a going home outfit for the baby and i know exactly what i want - if only i could sew *sigh*