Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween cookies

These are some Halloween cookies I made this week. I'll be making LOTS more in the next couple of weeks. Sorry some of the pictures are kinda cruddy. I forgot to take pictures until I had a lot of them wrapped already.

I was also asked by the teachers I used to work with to make a cake for my former boss for Boss's Day yesterday. It's harder than you would think to come up with something to write other than "Happy Boss's Day." I've made a lot of cakes for this guy over the past few years, so I'm starting to run out of ideas. I found this quote and thought it would be appropriate.

That's all for now. I hope you all have a great weekend!


Willow said...

Wow! These are all beautiful and look yummy too! Ever watch Everybody Loves Raymond and see one of the Debra character's cakes? That's what mine look like! ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Madeline said...

THOSE COOKIES ARE SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! I love them. I wish I wasn't too busy to throw a Halloween party. Nice cake, too. I like that quote.

Deanna said...

I wish you lived closer. I would hire you to bake some of those adorable pumpkin cookies for my son's class! You are sooo talented. Have you ever thought of starting your own store?

Jenn said...

I love all those cookies, they are so cute! Have you ever mailed any of your goodies? Those would make a great gift box, 2-4 of each one depending on how many you were buying for. Kids would love getting things like that in the mail.

Amy said...

You are very talented!

Nice job!

I am a sucker for decorated cookies and cakes. You do an amazing job on both!

I'm very impressed here in Crazyville...and now I'm craving something cute and sweet.;)

God Bless,

Crystal said...

Thanks for all of your sweet comments ladies! Just curious, I've been selling my decorated cookies to my friends and former coworkers for $1.25 each, what do you think about the price? Too much? Not enough?

Willow- I love that show!

Madeline- Thanks.

Deanna- I have thought about starting my own store, but money is the issue right now. In MS, you're your not supposed to run a food service business from your home kitchen and I just don't have the start up money to rent a place yet. So for now, I'm doing it for friends.

Jenn- I haven't tried mailing any, but I would be willing to :-) They're pretty sturdy so I think they would hold up well with the proper packaging. I might try sending some to my nephews and niece, that way I can talk to my sisters and see if they get there in one piece. If they don't it won't be a big deal since it wouldn't be for someone who payed for them.

Amy-Thank you.

Jenn said...

Well you can send me some for free and if they are broke I'll still eat them ! haha

Tassie said...

You are so talented!