Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My boring, busy life

I've been busy lately, but none of it has been interesting. Mostly just baking LOTS of cookies. Thankfully I don't have anything planned for tomorrow (Wednesday), so I'm going to run some errands and do some cleaning. I'll be volunteering at the school Thursday and Friday, so tomorrow is the only day I can get much done around here. For someone who doesn't have a job or kids, I don't know how I never have free time anymore.

I've been planning on going to Lucedale next week because my sister is supposed to be getting married on Nov. 8, but it looks like it may be postponed or even canceled! I'm going to go anyway, at least maybe I can help out with the kids and give them a break since they've got a lot of crazy stuff going on lately.

While I'm in Lucedale I won't have a lot to do when the kids aren't around, so I'm going to take my sewing machine and work on making some Christmas presents.

I'm also thinking of doing a giveaway! I've really gotten into the apron making lately and I was thinking of making one to give away on here. I was thinking either a fall/ Thanksgiving apron, or maybe a winter/ Christmas one, and some cookies and other stuff to go with it. What do y'all think? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


Amy said...

It's amazing how busy life is when you stay at home. So many people think that if you stay at home..that means that you "don't work." Nothing could be farther from the truth.

And about your give-a-way...I think all of the ideas you shared are great! How do I enter?;)

Have a great day!
God Bless,

Jenn said...

I can't wait for you giveaway ! Maybe someday I'll be lucky and win one ! haha

Sorry your sister is going through a hard time.

Crystal said...

Amy- that is so true!
Jenn- thanks

With the giveaway, I think I'll make the stuff next week and do the giveaway the week after, that way whoever wins will have it in time to wear for Thanksgiving cooking!

Madeline said...

Sounds like your not so busy life is pretty dang skippy busy! Good luck with everything. A giveaway sounds fab!

Willow said...

An apron giveaway sounds like fun! Christmas!

Deanna said...

Aprons!!! I love them.

I was in Hudsons today and they had tons of fabric. I kept telling my friend... that was would make the best apron! If only I knew how to sew.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Hope things slow down for you a bit.

Buzzard Roost Babe said...

I will pray for your sis. I think the giveaway would b great. Do something exciting while in Lucedale!

Jenn said...

I just boo-ed you, come see !