Thursday, October 9, 2008

My youngest nephew Q.

He's 7, but still the youngest for a few more months anyway. His mom (my youngest sister) is expecting a boy in February. We're all really excited about that, even Q. He was really wanting a baby brother and was THRILLED when they found out it's a boy. My little sis let him take a half day off school so he could go with her and my mom to the ultrasound appointment. He called me on their way home to tell me all about it. It was really sweet.

So last weekend when we were in the Lucedale, we were able to go to one of his football games. It's so cute to see all of the little boys dressed up in their uniforms playing football. They actually played a lot better than I expected. I figured that many seven year olds on a field would be about like herding cats, but I was surprised. Q's team won 24 to 20, and it was a good game. I just HAVE to post some pictures to show you how adorable he is.
Here's a close up.

Here they are in a huddle with the coach; he's number 99.

These are some of them actually playing.

Q is really big for his age, but there are a couple of boys on his team that are even bigger than him. Here he is with one of those boys.

When the game was over they all lined up and shook hands. It was so cute.

Mr. McHacker and I really enjoyed watching the game. I figured that we should enjoy our nephews' sports abilities since I'm guessing that any child we have will not be very athletic. If you know us "in real life" you would totally agree.


Dr. Wifey said...

very cute! i pass by a team of little boys playing football all the time, and they are so cute in their little Tennessee Titan-looking uniforms. mini-NFLers!

Deanna said...

Oh, heavens, he is cute! (Don't go dissin your future baby. Never know... he could come out a linebacker who puts Peyton Manning to shame! :-))

Madeline said...

Yeah, my kiddo is destined to be a sports dork too. Cute pics!