Thursday, October 2, 2008

I want an iphone!

Last night I dropped my phone (motorola razr) and this is the conversation that followed:

Me: Oh crap! Did the battery fall out again?

Mr. McHacker: No, it's okay.

Me: Are you sure? Is it working?

Mr.McHacker: Yes it's fine.

Me: Darn. I was hoping it was broken so I could have an excuse to get a new iphone.

Mr. McHacker: You wouldn't do that.

Me: Well, it worked for E. I think she broke hers on purpose so she would have an excuse to get one. Which is really funny since when her husband broke his phone the last time, she got him a tracfone and put his sim card in it. Boy was he pissed.

Mr.McHacker: If you break your phone on purpose, I'm gonna go to the Palmer Home Thrift Store and get you the biggest, ugliest, oldest phone they have. (he says this while laughing)

Then he shows me this picture:

I guess I'll just stick to the one I have for now...I don't think that one will fit in my purse!


Dr. Wifey said...

wow- cell phones have come a long way! i dropped my razr last week and broke the camera lens and i have to wait another year before i can get another free on :(

Deanna said...

I remember using that crazy big cell phone! I used to lay it down in the floor of my car. There was no putting that thing in your purse.

Crystal said...

dr. wifey - nice haircut! too bad about the lens on your phone :-(

deanna - those things were huge! i bet it must've weighed a ton

Dr. Wifey said...

thanks, crystal! i tried something new and curled it

Lisa said...

My sister has an iphone. I didn't understand all the hoopla until she actually showed me how it worked. Very cool.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Yes they are so nice... I would love to have one.... maybe one day!

Jenn said...

One good thing about that phone, if you were attacked you could knock them out with it !

Pleasant Drive said...

Thanks for your prayers, crystal! I say keep working on that husband of yours. They always come around :)

Buzzard Roost Babe said...

I remember those cell phones. OMG I would carry these supersized purses, and you could not keep them one all the time too. Yes we have come a long way since them!Thank you God! O'yeah my husband's phones seem to magically die about the time he could get a new one. Do you think? Well I'm happy with my razor. I want it to last for a decade. I cant keep up. I just go an Ipod, and I am tryin to learn it.