Thursday, January 1, 2009

Apron's for Mom and Dad

More aprons. Are y'all tired of them yet? Tomorrow will be pajamas.

Mom McHacker's favorite color is yellow, so I had to make her something yellow that she would really like. The main part of the apron is a repurposed tablecloth, and the black accents are from a pair of pants that came from a hand-me-down pants suit that I never wore. The pants were quite hideous, but the fabric looks much better as part of this apron. Thankfully she really loved it :-)

This is a tool belt apron I made for Dad McHacker. He's always working on something and I thought it might be handy for him to have an apron to hold tools and the like. It's made from a pair of repurposed Levi's jeans. I designed the pattern myself (as you can probably tell). Oh, and when sewing denim, get the Coats and Clark extra strong thread for jeans. It's really good stuff.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope today starts off a wonderful year for you.


Lisa said...

Cute! As I actually use aprons when I cook and clean (nothing near so cute as yours though!), I love looking at your designs!

Happy New Year Crystal.

Madeline said...

That tool belt looks very handy. How inventive of you. Love the aprons.

Willow said...

I love the denim for the tool belt. I would have never thought of that and it is SUCH a cool idea. You are way too clever!

I like aprons but I'm heavy enough that the ones you can buy never fit... but I'm working on that! ;-)

Happy New Year back atcha!