Saturday, January 10, 2009

Google searches

I was just thinking that I wished I had something to post about. But not much has been going on around here these days. Then I remembered this post that I started and never posted. So here ya go...

I was looking at my Feedjit Live stats and found that some people get to my site by searching for some funny/strange stuff on google.

I had no idea that so many people would find my blog because of the post I wrote about my crazy Aunt Margie's mishap with a coconut pie.
  • fingernail crystals
  • food for fingernail
  • i eat finger nails in my sandwiches
  • fingernail found in food

No, I don't want to share HIM!

  • i want to share my husband
  • share my husband
  • sharing my husband blog

This just makes me laugh, cause I think about that scene from the Boondocks.

  • feed her the cheddar biscuits

I hope my recipes helped these folks out. :-)

  • southwest quiche
  • southwest quiche recipe
  • southwest hashbrown quiche ( I don't think my recipe was what they were looking for).
  • fannie farmer chicken pot pie

Not so funny, but they must've went through LOTS of pages before finding mine.

  • rocky horror picture show audience participation
  • rocky horror picture show mississippi
I'm planning another shopping trip tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some good deals to show y'all. Have a great weekend!


Tassie said...

Hey..did you save these? I can view recent history but I don't know how to access old serches on my FeedJit

Madeline said...

Ha! What a laugh. I'll have to check that out for my blog.

Amy said...

That is funny!:) I am working on a post right now like this myself. I get tickled every day at some of the craziness that leads people to my site.

Nice job on your groceries too. We are in the process of doing the same thing. It is hard! I'm thinking about posting about it, but I haven't yet.

Good luck to you!
God Bless,