Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Mr. McHacker's birthday, though he informed me last night that it would still be his birthday until the opening of the next business day, and since Monday is a holiday, we'll be celebrating around here till Tuesday morning.
Happie Burfday babby!!!
Have I mentioned that we are huge geeks and one of our favorite shows is Battlestar Galactica? Well we finally finished watching all of the DVDs of the past episodes in preparation for last night, the first new episode in a long time. Since we're saving money where we can, we don't have cable, so we went over to our friends' place and watched it with them and had a sort of birthday party for Mr. McHacker. I made chicken spaghetti (like this but I add a can of Rotel and leave out the bell pepper and pimento).
I also made him a birthday cake. Bless my sweet husband's heart. I wanted to make a really cool cake with the Battlestar Galactica emblem on it, like this:
But I didn't have time to do it like I wanted. So this is what he got instead:
For some reason, in the BSG universe, corners are cut off of books, papers, etc., that's why I cut off the corners. And frakking, well, you can learn about that word here.
So even though it wasn't beautiful, Mr. McHacker loved it. And I love him.


Dr. Wifey said...

hmm, i have never seen BSG, but then again, i am not a big fan of sci-fi. great cake! hope he had a great birthday!

Deanna said...

I have been seeing lots of excited BG fans posting their excitement about the new season in Twitter and Facebook.

So glad that you had a great birthday celebration with your sweetie. Happy Birthday!

cheapbychoice said...

I love your blog and that you also are from Mississippi. I have given you the Lemonade Award.

Madeline said...

Well, happy birthday to your hubby!!! My dad and sister are huge BSG fans.
About the baby carrier, I found a tutorial for you on making a bundleboo carrier--my personal favorite wrap carrier.
I hope that helps. Wraps and mei tais are my faves. You could google mei tai carrier and find tutorials for those as well. Good luck. Let me know if those things help. If you've got anymore questions feel free to ask. I hope you'll post pics when you're finished. And congrats to you your sister! Y'all must be so excited.