Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Food and Fingernails

Yesterday I was chopping some chicken for a chicken salad and almost cut off my fingernail. Luckily, I didn't slice it off completely. It would have been really gross to bite into my sandwich and find that. This reminded me of a story my Aunt Margie told me several years ago. I don't remember all of the details, but I think it's something like this... One day during home economics class, Aunt Margie and the two other young ladies in her group had to make a coconut cream pie. Apparently the teacher made them make it from scratch, all the way down to grating the coconut. After getting the pie in the oven, Aunt Margie noticed that she had broken a fingernail. Then she realized that it wasn't broken, that she must have grated it off when she was grating the coconut. Hesitantly, she told the other girls in the group what had happened. They decided not to tell the teacher and when it came time for them to taste the pie with her, if one of them got the fingernail, she would just pretend to wipe her mouth and spit it into her napkin. They were just all praying that the teacher didn't get the fingernail, if she did, they were going to pretend they didn't know what it was. So the time came, and one of the other girls in the group got the piece with the fingernail, spit it into her napkin, and the teacher was none the wiser. She even declared their group's the best pie in the class. Aunt Margie and her friends had to keep from laughing. According to Margie, none of them really cared for coconut cream pie after that.


Madeline said...

Ha! I keep running across funny blogs today. Which is exactly what I've needed!

twoLs said...

haha eww thats gross & funny all at the same time!

The Apron Queen said...

I love coconut cream pie. But remind me to never eat it at your Aunt Margie's!

Thanks for all the help in translating the words on the vintage towel. I knew someone in Blog Land would figure it out.

Thank you again! :)