Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One gift down, many to go

I think I mentioned that I am going to try to make as many of my Christmas gifts this year as possible. I spent yesterday working on the gift for a good friend of mine. My friend E goes to Destin about 4 times a year and LOVES the beach. She also collects crosses to display in her home. So when I saw this blog, E immediately came to mind since the sea shell cross looked liked something she would love.

The other day I went back to that blog and saw that she was selling some of the crosses she had made. For $40 and $45 dollars! Of course I thought I could make something similar a lot cheaper. So I went to the Dollar Tree and bought 3 bags of shells for $3.21 and to Wal-mart and bought a wooden cross and clear spray paint for $5.59. I already had the hot glue gun and glue sticks. Total cost = $8.80 and about 3 hours.

Here's the finished project:

Mine isn't quite as fancy as the ones from the Gahan Girls blog, but I think it looks pretty nice, and I think my friend will like it. I want to go to the beach now, just so I can collect a truck full of free shells!


Deanna said...

Wow, you are talented! That is beautiful and that would be a great way to display the shells that you collect from your trips to the beach. I have a wall of crosses too. Mine are ones my boys have made or ones Mississippi artist's have made.

Madeline said...

I think your friend will love it. Very pretty!

Employee No. 3699 said...

I actually like your cross better. I'm sure your friend will absolutely love it!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Thanks for stopping by. Did you see that I won one of the small crosses from Gahan Girls? I think mine will go in my bathroom. You did a great job on yours.

Miss Mud Puddle said...

Great job!

Amy said...

You did a great job! Very clever.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment.
I hope you have a great day!
God Bless,

Pleasant Drive said...

Love the cross and love Destin! My family makes the 12 hour treck there every summer.

Lisa said...

I love the shell cross!