Thursday, August 7, 2008

My husband is awesome

I know most married women think their husband is great, but mine really is. I've been stressing out about finding a job because I'm still kind of limited on what I can do because of my back. After we talked about it, my sweet Mr. McHacker said that if I could budget our money well enough that we can pay the bills AND eat, that I don't have to work until I want to. Yay!!! I'm really good at budgeting and stretching money, so I think we'll be fine. We won't have much extra, but it will be worth it. It makes me happy to be a housewife and Mr. McHacker wants me to be happy. He's so sweet.

Not only is he the sweetest man on Earth, he's smart too. Really smart. The smartest person I know. Seriously. The only reason I'm keeping this blog somewhat anonymous is not to embarrass him in the event that I say or do something stupid. Because he's going places. He's really great at what he does and has been getting some much deserved recognition lately. There was even a local press release about his research in the local news a few days ago. I'm so proud of him. I want to link to the story, but for his sake I won't. But here are the good parts from the article.

"... recently discovered what is being called "a significant software vulnerability" that could allow hackers the ability to gain entry to computer control systems of numerous industries and potentially threaten national security."

"We know that this software exists in very critical infrastructures in the U.S... Through his research, ... demonstrated how it was possible to obtain unauthorized access to the control system in just a few seconds. He then discovered how to break every encoded password in the system and how to bypass password security altogether."

"The National Security Agency was notified immediately ... Shortly thereafter, the Department of Homeland Security broadcast an alert that included information on how to rectify the problem."

See I told y'all he was a good guy hacker.

This is what his major professor had to say: "... is one of the most technical students we have and a real asset to the department of computer science and engineering. He now also has proven himself to be an asset to the federal government."

Like I said, my husband is awesome.


Madeline said...

Sounds like he's got a pretty fabulous wife too! Y'all seem like a sweet couple. Have you considered starting a little home business. You seem like a talented and creative lady!

twoLs said...

YAY! how wonderful for you!!

my husband is awesome as well : )

have a great weekend!

Deanna said...

So glad you are going to be able to stay at home. My hubs is wonderful that way too. Who knows? Maybe your new obsession with apron making will be a way to make money? People everywhere are obsessed with aprons. You could open your own Etsy store!

Tassie Rosamond said...

I now understand why you call your hubby "Mr. McHacker!"

Tracye said...

Hi! I found you on Cakes & Cupboards.

Congrats to your hubby! That's awesome!

I'm a former teacher, now SAHM, who makes cakes, too.

Come visit sometime!

Willow said...

Man, Mr. McHacker sounds like a keeper on all fronts!